What I Received for Christmas 2016

While I truly love giving gifts for the holidays, I wouldn't be human if I did not love receiving gifts as well. This year, I was truly blessed and got a lot of things I wanted and did not know I wanted! From items that assist my blogging/vlogging lifestyle to fun knick-knacks, I truly am grateful for every gift I received this year.

Christmas Through The Years: Blogmas Day 25

Merry Christmas! Today, I am sharing photos of me through the years at Christmas. (Please be nice, we all had awkward teenage years.) While I could not find some years as my childhood was not mostly digital, I still enjoyed laughing at the years that I could find.

Here are my Christmas photos through the years:

First Christmas - 1993

'Twas My Night Before Christmas: Blogmas Day 24

'Twas my night before Christmas (and another day of blogmas) and all through my house,
everyone was stirring, talking about Mickey Mouse.
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
in hope that the wine delivery soon would be there.

The puppies were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of treat crumbs danced in their heads.
And me under my heated blanket, still up from my nap,
Posing for pictures and sending a snap.

Favorite Christmas Baking Recipes: Blogmas Day 23

Every year, my mom and I usually spend one day devoted to baking for Christmas. The 17th was that day. In addition, because we both were baked out, I continued baking on the 20th. While I still have not baked all I would like to, we have quite a few sweets on the counter.

Here are some of my favorite Christmas recipes that I use each year to have yummy sweets around the house during the holiday season:

Tips and Guide to The Holidays at Disney: Blogmas Day 22

If you did not know, last fall I worked on Main Street USA in Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World. I sold balloons and worked the artist cart and had a great time with some amazing people. Being in Walt Disney World for the fall holidays allowed me to experience the vast amount of offerings that the resort--parks and hotels--has to offer... especially for Christmas.

Tips to De-Stress During the Holidays: Blogmas Day 21

Christmas is right around the corner and I am going crazy. I almost did not have time to post this today and that would have ruined my 20-day streak! At this point--unless you have Amazon Prime and happen to find items that would arrive in time or want to pay a pretty penny to ship in two days--the flexibility of online shopping is pretty much over. (It takes a lot for me to even want to pay normal shipping. $15?! No way!)

I spent my day sleeping in, trying to make up for the stress, and hitting the ground running. I ran errands such as vacuuming my car and getting a car wash before hitting the local marketplace. It. Was. Crazy. Trying to find some last-minute additions, I struck out at six, yes indeed, six stores. I arrived home with two very small personal things and a happy wallet, but a defeated feeling. Especially since I spent the next two hours on Amazon trying to find something that would arrive in time that worked... to no avail. I feel worried that I will not be able to find those few last gifts that have the finishing touches for the people I care about in time.

Then I froze, I hadn't scheduled a blog post for blogmas and today was the one day I did not have an idea laid out! What to do?

Then the thought hit me: time to de-stress and relax and I could help myself while helping you!

Here are some ideas to de-stress this close to the holidays and still enjoy this time of year:

Printable Christmas Tags: Blogmas Day 20

Can you believe we are in the 20s for December? This month went by so fast!

Today, I am providing you 9 free printable Christmas tags to put on your gifts! Use some ribbon, or even just tape, and place a unique tag on your family and friend's gifts.

NYC Christmas Sights: Blogmas Day 19

On Friday, December 9th, Steven and I made the trip to New York City -- insert Frank Sinatra singing New York, New York -- to complete a list of holiday sights we wanted to see. The night before, I searched and searched for holiday exclusives in the city and mapped out a plan to tackle the city that never sleeps... in December... 16 days before Christmas. Yes, we knew we were crazy. However we hoped that going on a Friday instead of Saturday or Sunday would help.

I am going to outline where we went, share pictures and how we went about conquering these sites. Hopefully, this will help you if you go to the city this holiday season or in the future.

Affordable Festive & New Year Dress Ideas: Blogmas Day 18

I absolutely love dressing and getting glammed up. Doing so for the holidays and new years makes it even more fun! Whether it be tame for the dinner table, or as sparkly as a club, here are some affordable dresses to help you find that perfect dress.

Gift Wrapping Pinspo: Blogmas Day 17

One of my favorite things about Christmas is wrapping gifts. I take my sweet time wrapping each present, adding bows and ribbons to truly make it look nice. And while my hard work may be ripped apart later, in the moment I enjoying seeing just how pretty the present looks as it is placed beneath the tree.

I searched through Pinterest and found 20 wonderful inspirational photos for gift wrapping. I hope it assists you and also excites you as it did for me!

Gifts for the Potty Mouth: Blogmas Day 16

This may come as a surprise (as I do try to keep my writing and online presence classy) but I cuss. While I know when is the right time and place to be dropping certain words, sometimes no other word can add the emphasis to a sentence that a curse word can.

Here are some funny gifts for people who curse like a sailor!

* As you may have already figured, this post contains a good amount of swear words. Be mindful of your surroundings and if any munchkins are around.

Guest Blogger: Synderellax - Blogmas Day 15

Hi! For those of you who don't know me, I'm Katie from synderellax. I met Alexa during one of our summer classes at Rider. Since then, we've had three other classes together and have become great friends.

For Blogmas, we thought it would be great to do a guest blog post during one of the days since we both have a love of blogging. Our post for today is what we'd put in each other's Christmas stockings, which we came up with in our senior seminar class.

Practical Gifts for Bloggers: Blogmas Day 14

Do you have a blogger in your life who you want to get a present for this holiday season? I may be able to help! Blogging can seem very easy: all you do is write, right? No, that's not all. Bloggers usually need to be handy with equipment to take great photos, keep creating ideas, have a schedule, dish out money for equipment, editing software, domains, and more. As a blogger, the items I listed below would be very handy to have.

From planners to stickers, equipment to clothes, here are some practical and affordable gifts for bloggers:

Free Christmas Phone Backgrounds: Blogmas Day 13

In the past few weeks, I have been taking a lot of new pictures and slowly developing my skills in photography. With a trip to New York City last week and many other photos I have taken, I wanted to share twelve free phone wallpapers with my readers.


Gift Ideas for the Adult Disney Fan: Blogmas Day 12

As a big fan of Disney movies and merchandise, I could not let an opportunity to show some awesome gift ideas pass. Pretty much everything on this list, I would love as well. (You know, because I am an adult Disney fan.)

Here are some Disney gift ideas for the adult Disney fan in your life:

The Christmas Tag: Blogmas Day 11

I was tagged by Katie at Synderellax to do The Christmas Tag. I am tagging anyone reading this and I will be tagging fellow bloggers on Instagram.

1. What is your favorite Christmas film?
Elf. I think this is because my dad is obsessed with this movie and quotes it non-stop around the holidays. 

2. Have you ever had a White Christmas?
Yes. Being born in Ohio and living in New Jersey, it's frequently a white Christmas. Lately, NJ hasn't gotten much snow, which I am okay with, but it's been a few years since I saw a white Christmas.

3. Where do you usually spend your holiday?
Home. Even when I was living in Florida last year, I came home for Christmas. There is nothing like being home for the holidays.

White Elephant Gift Ideas: Blogmas Day 10

My favorite holiday parties are ones that include white elephant gift exchanges. I love the gag gifts that have people crying from laughter. With so many... interesting... gifts out there, it is always fun to show off the weirdest one you could find.

So if you are attending a white elephant gift exchange, here are some ideas to assist you on the search for the weirdest and funniest items:

Why I Love this Season: Blogmas Day 9

There is something about the holiday season that brings an extra feeling of magic into the air. I love celebrating the season for so many reasons, and I wanted to share those reasons with you.

Here is my list of things I love about this season:

Gift Ideas for the Wine Lover: Blogmas Day 8

Who doesn't love wine? If you know someone who doesn't, educate them. Wine is amazing and I want pretty much everything on this list if I don't already have it.

Here are some gift ideas for the wine lover in your life:

Top 10 Christmas Movies: Blogmas Day 7

I love Christmas movies as they get me into the holiday cheer even more. (I know, that's impossible! But it isn't.) I compiled my top 10 Christmas movies below.

Also, if you haven't discovered this yet, I am a child at heart. I have so many fun movies from my childhood on this list because I still enjoy them to this day. Don't judge.

So without further ado, here is my top 10 Christmas movies in no particular order.

Image result for elf

Gift Ideas for Guys: Blogmas Day 6

Every year, I find myself struggling with gift ideas for at least one guy whether he be a special guy, my father, or simply guy friends. I figured I would help you (and myself) in the search for some helpful gifts for guys.

In order to cover a good amount of what would guys like, I have included a few categories: The Pop Culture Nerd, The Beer Lover, The Sports Fanatic, The Die-Hard Gamer, and The Tech Enthusiast.

Christmas Decor PinSpiration: Blogmas Day 5

I absolutely love Christmas decor! The moment I am stand up from the Thanksgiving table and help clear the dishes, I am ready to put up the tree and my favorite decor for the holidays.

If you have not yet decorated for Christmas, here are some Pinterest inspirations and links to some adorable products I love or would love to have.

Must-Watch TV Holiday Celebrations: Blogmas Day 4

One of the many things that gets me into the holiday spirit is watching Christmas specials and movies on TV. This year, there are a few new favorites to mark the calendar for while also remembering the classics.

Here are my must-watch holiday celebrations in date order:

All I Want for Christmas: Blogmas Day 3

Figuring out what I want for Christmas each year is a difficult process. Throughout the year, I tend to save up and buy what I want/need or my parents generously assist me while I am still in college. However, some of the things I have not bought for myself yet are because they are quite expensive. While I could truly use them to my advantage, I just cannot bring myself to pay for them. Therefore, they are on the list, even as I want to emphasize that I do not want anyone close to me looking for ideas to even think about buying them for me! Can you tell that making this list took me quite few days?

Here is my Christmas list including why I would like them and the links to the items in case anyone would like to view them or add them to their own lists!

10 Gift Ideas for the Rose Gold Lover: Blogmas Day 2

I love rose gold. It's a beautiful shade that feels girly and fancy without having sparkles or glitter. Rose gold is my go-to color for so many things. My room has rose gold accents, my computer has a rose gold case, my eyeshadow palette is called rose gold, and heck even my nails have been painted rose gold.

If my obsession with rose gold sounds like someone you know, this list may help you.

100 Ultimate Christmas Songs Playlist: Blogmas Day 1

Don't you just love Christmas music? I love putting on a 24/7 Christmas radio station while I drive around. However, some of the songs are not in my favorites. I decided to make a playlist of my ultimate favorite Christmas songs for you.

We Need to Talk About The Amazon "Alexa"

"Alexa, what's the date?"

"Alexa, what's twelve times twenty-one?"

"Alexa, tell me a joke."

With the holiday television ads in full swing, I keep hearing my name and looking to the TV in shock. Then I remember there is the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo has the "Alexa Voice Service," which... shocker... annoys me.

Why on earth would it annoy me?! Well, because I am not one to like being bossed around. This product therefore does not mix well with me. Especially when people joke with me like I am this product. Really? I haven't heard it before.

When I used to search "Alexa" online, I would usually see some random search site and a few celebrities pop up. Now, it's all about this dang machine.

According to, the name Alexa was ranked #107 in popularity in 1993... the year I was born. In 2015, the name was ranked #32. Also, the name Alexa is Greek and is a form of Alexander, which means "defender of mankind."

Americans: Vote!

Image result for mary poppins vote for women
(Image: Jezebel )

My fellow Americans... hey. What's up? How's it going? Anything big happening this week?

Oh, yeah... that. The election. As if the media or anyone could let you forget. And now, the anyone includes me. I'm not one to get very political online, but I need to talk to you about something political this time.

You should go vote. 

If you have not voted already by mail-in/absentee/etc. and you are registered to vote, you should be getting in your preferred method of transportation and heading to a polling place on Election Day.

The Overreaction to Starbucks Cups

On November 1, 2016, Starbucks debuted a green-styled cup. The major first reaction? Outrage. "How dare Starbucks have a green cup when the holidays are always celebrated with a red one?" "How could they have a non-Holiday design on November 1st?" "This is political brainwashing!" And so on.

Honestly, what is wrong with people? Is this what is important to spend our energy on right now? 

Yes, everyone, please go nuts over a cup when one of the most controversial elections ends in a week. Can we please put this energy to good use?

Primark USA Haul!

I absolutely loved going to Primark since we finally have a few stores in the United States and I love that the store is only 30 minutes from me! One of the six United States Primark stores opened this close to me and I am so happy it did.

To Orlando, FL and Back

Unfortunately, due to making room on my computer, I moved all of my photos onto my external. It's great to have more space... but unfortunate I did not remember to save the photos I wanted for the blog posts on my desktop. Therefore, some weeks will be a little dry. This is one of those weeks.

I am saving the Disney pictures for the videos focused on the Disney experience.

However, I did get to snap a photo as I prepared for takeoff at Philadelphia International as the sun began to rise.

DISNEY HAUL! (Disney Store & Outlet , Shop Disney Parks, & More!)

I loved showing off some of my Disney items that I have bought recently. Enjoy!

The Science Behind Pixar & Last First Day of College! ♥

Here are some photos from my week. Enjoy!

August 2016 ♥ Monthly Favorites

Here are my August favorites! I got to celebrate my birthday in August so I had quite a few new favorites.

23rd Birthday

On my last day of feeling 22, I visited a local park to hunt Pokemon and to enjoy the weather.

I had been called to Jury Duty for my birthday week and had to attend on my last day being 22. However, I was dismissed and luckily got to enjoy my 23rd birthday.

My gorgeous grand-little, Alyssa, made sure I had something to do at last moment. I drove the hour to her and we celebrated by playing mini-golf and getting ice cream.

Primark Opening USA

This week I started off by heading to the opening day of the 5th Primark store in the USA. I wanted to go right at opening, but Brianna had to work so we went in the evening. The store was so cool and I finally see what all of the hype was about.

Primark is a major retail group operating stores in the UK and Ireland, and starting to expand to the United States. One of the few launching stores is located approximately a half hour from me.

Think of the store like a Forever 21 but with mens, kids, and homeware sections. The prices are very affordable and the styles are very fashionable.

Lush Haul

My Thoughts: I have not tried a Lush face mask before this one, and I plan to try many more in the future. This fresh face mask soothes the cheeks and removes dirt. It leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I have used this every few days and my acne is decreasing.
2.1 Oz. for $12.95

In-Store Only. Must be kept refrigerated.

"Calm and soothe rosy cheeks"

Spreading Love & New Camera

Spread love. Please. The world of evil is ridiculous lately. Every weekly b/vlog, I'm talking about horrible acts of lack of humanity that leaves people without family members, friends, and more. Just please, if there is anything you get from this, just spread love. Teach love.

This week I have my new camera! Although I do not use it much for blogging as it is pretty bulky, I am loving having it to take pictures for the blog posts.

My camera came in the mail right before I headed to National Harbor. Trying out my camera on the pups once we arrived, I captured some cute shots.

June 2016 ♥ Monthly Favorites

My favorites for the month of June video is up for viewing (and also at the bottom of this page) even though mother nature did her best to interrupt me as I filmed. However, some of these items just did not get the time nor clarity they deserved. Here is a bit more information on the items, including some new photos and views:

Batiste Dry Shampoo A Hint of Color - Light & Blonde

"Batiste Light and Blonde banishes oily roots and boosts body giving dull, lifeless hair the make over it needs without any water. A hint of color complements light and blonde hair tones and helps blend in root -re-growth of colored, tinted or bleached hair. A quick burst revitalizes hair leaving it feeling clean and fresh. No need to worry about skipping a shampoo."

I love this product as I sometimes hate washing my hair daily and need a refresh before going out. I can just push up my fair and flip it around as I spray to give it a volumized refresh. 

Another Week

It was another week full of working with some little moments of magic added in.

On Saturday, Roxie was hanging out with me and being photogenic, for once.

Isn't she just the cutest? She loves laying on pillows and the moment she gets on my bed, she goes to lay on pillows. It has always been her thing.

Roxie also loves her ears being rubbed. She's not one to show too much emotion or go crazy like Coco does.

An Open Letter to my First Car 🚗

On July 4, 2010, I found you online. After hours of research, my parents agreed to go check you out the next day.

With my parents alongside me, we went to the dealership and test drove you. And a new adventure began.

Six years ago on July 5, I purchased you, my first car. A 2001 Silver Toyota Rav4.

(Can you tell I like exclamation marks on social media?)

Holocaust Memorial Museum

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum was very moving and heartbreaking. Unfortunately, the beginning section was so congested, I wanted to leave and come back in the winter. However, it did relax some as people spread out throughout the museum. I did find myself being stepped on, pushed, and walked into. Hopefully, I can go back one day where it is less crowded and truly do a justified photo and video session.

The best way to secure entrance into the museum is to pay a processing fee of $1 and hold tickets for your day on the museum website. Otherwise, the museum usually has very limited space to accommodate walk-ins.

10 Alternatives to the Price of Hamilton Resale Tickets

Hamilton the Musical tickets--especially for the next two weeks while Lin Manuel Miranda, Phillipa Soo, and Leslie Odom Jr. are on their final show run--are over $1200. (Teach us how to say goodbye.)

The retail price for tickets range from $85 to $300 and up to $849 for premium. But the final performance day of Miranda, Odom and Soo—July 9—have resale tickets reaching from a few thousand to over $12,000!

Even though I am really, really tempted to just empty my savings account and present the money for tickets like: