Primark USA Haul!

I absolutely loved going to Primark since we finally have a few stores in the United States and I love that the store is only 30 minutes from me! One of the six United States Primark stores opened this close to me and I am so happy it did.

To Orlando, FL and Back

Unfortunately, due to making room on my computer, I moved all of my photos onto my external. It's great to have more space... but unfortunate I did not remember to save the photos I wanted for the blog posts on my desktop. Therefore, some weeks will be a little dry. This is one of those weeks.

I am saving the Disney pictures for the videos focused on the Disney experience.

However, I did get to snap a photo as I prepared for takeoff at Philadelphia International as the sun began to rise.

DISNEY HAUL! (Disney Store & Outlet , Shop Disney Parks, & More!)

I loved showing off some of my Disney items that I have bought recently. Enjoy!

The Science Behind Pixar & Last First Day of College! ♥

Here are some photos from my week. Enjoy!

August 2016 ♥ Monthly Favorites

Here are my August favorites! I got to celebrate my birthday in August so I had quite a few new favorites.

23rd Birthday

On my last day of feeling 22, I visited a local park to hunt Pokemon and to enjoy the weather.

I had been called to Jury Duty for my birthday week and had to attend on my last day being 22. However, I was dismissed and luckily got to enjoy my 23rd birthday.

My gorgeous grand-little, Alyssa, made sure I had something to do at last moment. I drove the hour to her and we celebrated by playing mini-golf and getting ice cream.