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-- Spoilers for the live-action film (and I guess the animated one if you seriously haven't freakin' watched it in the past 25 years) ahead! --

With Beauty and the Beast being one of my favorite Disney movies, I had high expectations for the live-action remake. Last Sunday, my friend Alyssa, Steven and I went to see the movie for the 11:45 AM showing. In my mind, I thought that there would not be too many people at the movies since it was a Sunday (with church services and all) and some people sleep in. Just to be safe though, we ordered tickets the night before.

Right as we were leaving, Steven checked online... our time was sold out! Thankfully, we left very early and had lots of time. We were at the theater about 45 minutes before the movie and were the first ones in the theater. Picking awesome, halfway-up seats, Steven and I set down our jackets and went to get snacks while we also waited for Alyssa.

5 Outfit Essentials for Transitional Winter to Spring Weather

Is it still winter or are we finally moving towards spring? I thought the latter the other day when my allergies has me sneezing like crazy and rubbing my eyes. Then, it snowed! Today it is over 60 degrees but it's supposed to drop 30 degrees and possibly snow tomorrow. WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

With the weather going back and forth, I wake up every day with the hardest time figuring out what to wear.