Leftover Easter Eggs?: DIY Upcycle

Easter has come and gone and the days in 2017 continue to fly by.

And while Easter brought me a yummy dinner and candy… I almost have too much candy. In addition, I have all of these plastic eggs now sitting in the corner of my room.

That’s when I had an idea. What if the extra candy and plastic eggs could be put to good use? So I headed to the one place we all go to for leftover items and DIYs: Pinterest.

Life update: April Showers...

Hello everyone, long time… not chat. And I really meant to! I promise, no, I SWEAR! Life has just been kind of insane the past month. I thought school and blogging was hard but working full-time and blogging? How do people do it?

If that caught your attention (or didn’t because why would you remember that much about my working life), I am now working FULL TIME. I am officially adult-ing! (Sorry if you hate that word but it’s true.) 

In the first week of April, I finished my three-month internship to work full-time as a communications and social media coordinator. And while I am positive I have a lot in my head regarding the transition that I would love to talk about, I’ve been a little preoccupied.

On my last day of my internship, a Tuesday, my dad had to go to the hospital for emergency back surgery.