Wishes: A Magical Gathering One Last Time

The traffic is slowing, the questions are stopping and you can truly hear the music of Main Street U.S.A.

"Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, in just 5 minutes we will present our night time fireworks spectacular Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams... And now, your host, Jiminy Cricket!"

"Why good evening folks, just look at this gathering of friends. Talk about magical. You're all here looking for some magic, aren't you? So where's all the magic you ask? Well, in just a wink, we'll find it together with a help of a few of our friends. Isn't that right Blue Fairy, ah, my lady?"

"Yes, Jiminy. This night is made for magic. We'll journey to the stars where dreams are born and together we'll discover the magic that makes wishes come true."

"Gather round folks. This I've got to see."

Then, a moment. The quietest Disney gets during the day. Everyone is waiting anxiously for those quiet chords to start. I stand, watching the crowd, knowing the exact moment it will begin. Months on the street haven't diminished my love for this moment. In fact, it has increased it. 

I glance over to my best friends near me, enjoying the moment of calm before the post-show rush. They have their glow-with-the-show ears on and are smiling at in anticipation at the castle. They've sold too many glowing objects to count, but tonight both of their focus isn't on their cart and their role... it's where it should be: The Castle.

Then, it begins.