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There is no secret that I love Disney. None. Therefore, when it came to walking across a stage last year with a giant, black square on my head begging to be decorated, the opportunity to have a magical cap arose.

Finding an idea for the perfect graduation cap to express myself and my love of Disney was a challenging task. I gathered some of my favorite cap ideas and found a mix of magic! (I am sharing these as embedded links so you can tell those who posted these how gorgeous they are.)

Here are 50 graduation cap ideas to help you stand out at your ceremony with the most magical cap of them all.
1. My graduation cap… it’s kind of fun!

2. Hakuna Matata… it means no worries!

3. See previous
Savefrom Uploaded by userMy graduation cap!! Congrats Class of 2014!!!452105LishaDisney


5. Remember…

6. I beg your pardon, “Shut up“?

7Let me go! Turn away and forget my loans!

8. You know, since you’re usually in waiting a black plastic dress under the beating sun.

Savefrom Uploaded by userDisney Frozen Graduation hat10723Jannett Lopezgraduation

10. Get everyone who reads your cap to have the song stuck in their head.

11. Is it too much to ask for?

12. 10,000 YEARS…

13. What do we do? We learn, learn learn.

14. First, find your exit buddy.

15. Just a little.

16. Then I began falling down, down, down…

17. If you live in Florida, this photoshoot is a must. After all, I have a dream!

18. “I will.”

19. Mix match!


21. I want adventure in the great wide somewhere…
Savefrom tumblr.comscience graduation cap toppers - Google Search11826Mina VanManyHard work done right

22. I don’t want to survive… I want to live!
SaveTeen.comWall-E graduation cap18245TeenGraduation

23. K-U-Z-C-O! Kuzco, Kuzco! Go, go!
Savefrom Uploaded by userEmperors new groove cap1173364Gretchen K.Graduation

24. Winnie the pooh, Winnie the pooh.
Savefrom Uploaded by userJust thought I'd share my Winnie The Pooh inspired grad cap design for anyone looking for future ideas with Winnie the Pooh hehe :) enjoy!1488284Kelsey BeerCrafts!

Savefrom Uploaded by userMy High School Musical graduation cap1002275Cassie DrennenDIY

26. It’s been a real slice.

27. Honestly, who doesn’t love Meg?
Savefrom Uploaded by userDisney Grad Cap14933Sara WardripGrad Caps

28. Just. Like. That.

29. Bye, bye!
Savefrom Uploaded by userMy Disney Cinderella themed graduation cap! Had so much fun making it :)3610745Megan ChoateGrad Cap

30. Even with magic.

31. Simple words to live by.
Savefrom Uploaded by userFloral graduation cap with a quote from the new Cinderella movie.2333509Emilie HeckCrafts, gifts and tips

32. We’re Monster’s Inc.!

33. Simple yet sweet… and fluffy!

34. Thanks family!

35. Tsum Tsums!

36. Roman numerals meet Disney.
Savefrom Uploaded by userMy daughter and I created this Disney Graduation Cap using our cricket and Disney and friends cartridge. Roman numerals 2014. It is my favorite19236Diana SkerrettGraduation

37. Pocahontas does not get enough love!
Savefrom scontent-iad.xx.fbcdn.netFinally finished my Pocahontas graduation cap! I'm so happy with the way it turned out. I'll see you soon, Disney8210Caitlyn PagkalinawanGraduation

38. Graduating to be a health care provider? On a scale of one to ten…
Savefrom Uploaded by userThis is my graduation cap. Big Hero 6, Baymax. Showing the world what I will be doing for the rest of my life :D449119Caroline BartlettGraduation

39.  “Flying makes me a better care provider.”

40. Balalalala

41. No more classes to go! (If only it whistled while you walked…)
Savefrom Uploaded by userSnow White graduation cap I made39382Brittany SpakCrafty

42. We can fly, we can fly!
Savefrom Uploaded by userDisney graduation cap112Courtney FoxGrad cap ideas

43. Off to the workplace!

44. Man has a dream, and that’s the start.
Savefrom Uploaded by userMy graduation cap!!! Disney themed, lyrics from Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress at Walt Disney World!!!17245Tiffany MDisney Crafts

45. Walt’s quotes are always a solid choice.
Savefrom Uploaded by userMy Disney graduation cap is inspired by the Disneyland Dedication Speech given by Walt himself on July 17, 1955; opening day of the Disneyland Resort!31457Sara RoseDisney Graduation Cap Ideas

46. Seriously, this man says it all.

47. – sobs –

48. If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.

49. Go, find your dream.

50. And they lived happily ever after.

I hope these helped you find a magical idea. Congratulations if you are graduating!
Hugs, kisses and thanks for reading 
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