My First Time

Originally posted on previous blog on May 1, 2016

I feel like a very good way to introduce myself to you is to tell you about my first time. After all, this is my first time making a blog post. I know what you’re thinking–if you don’t know where I’m going with this–wow, diving right into the dirty so fast? Not exactly.

The YouTube “My First Time” tag seems like a good way to introduce any of you reading these words to who I am. First, the basics that these questions won’t answer: my name is Alexa, I am 22 as I write this post, and I simply want to share my life, my experiences, and my days with the world. I started posting on YouTube in 2014 on a separate channel, which I am sure we will get into discussing. As of Fall 2015, I am now on YouTube as SimplyAlexaSimone, and simply sharing videos with the world. But sometimes, as I film, I find that I cannot capture everything I wanted to say. Therefore, a blog.

What’s after the vlog and a blog? I don’t know. I have a dog…two actually. And I hate to jog though I probably should more. I’m sure within five years there will be another type of sharing experiences that ends in “log” but for now, I will focus on the two that actually exist… and I will stop rhyming.

Back on topic, this is the “My First Time” tag with questions by Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter and Zoe at Zoella.

My first time...
1. My first word:

“Uh-oh.” Is this considered a word? Well, it’s what everyone in my family tells me was my first word. Apparently, we were on a car trip and my grandma on my mother’s sad was in the backseat with me. I dropped a toy and said “Uh-oh.” After everyone was happy to hear me make some sort of human vocal expression that was not babbling, my grandma reached down to get my toy and I bonked her in the head/nose somehow and said “Uh-oh” again.

2. My first teddy:

My sister gave me my first teddy when I was born. It is a small teddy, probably around 4-5″. It’s packed away somewhere in my basement or I would find it and take a picture. It is quite interesting since it is a lavender purple.

3. My first friend:

I know I had more before this but the one I remember the earliest and the most is my childhood friend Sam. I was born in Ohio in 1993 but moved to South Jersey when I was three years old. That’s where I met my neighbor Sam, who was in a grade higher than me. I have so many memories with her and her two dogs–Great Danes–attacking me excitedly when I was barely as tall as them when they were on four legs, much less two. Her and I went our separate ways after I moved again right before I turned 10. Recently, however, we have found each other on social media so we chat sometimes. This is us on the right, back with roller skating wasn’t vintage but what you did on the weekends.

4. My first school crush:

Oh man. I’ve heard stories about pre-school but I do not remember them. My earliest memory of a school crush was a kid in my development when I moved to my current town. I’m not going to name his name but we did “date” in fourth or fifth grade. I think it lasted a week and all we did was hold hands. I’m laughing so hard remembering this.

5. My first celebrity crush:

I have no idea. Let me think a second. I honestly think Daniel Radcliffe. I cannot think of anyone before him who I had on my wall. I loved Harry Potter and, therefore, probably had some magazine poster of him on my wall.

6. My first kiss:

Again, I think there was some before I can remember but those are the childhood moments that don’t count in my opinion. My first “I know this is my first kiss” kiss was in seventh grade. Once more, not going to name names. Honestly, I did not like this kid and went out with him because I was too full of anxiety and niceness to say no. We went to see “Into the Woods” with my mom. At intermission, he asked if he could grab something in the car. I looked at my mom with eyes that begged her to come with us but she just gave me the key. He and I walked to the car and sat inside while he found whatever it was he needed and I hurried us up back in. Probably would’ve been better if it happened then as when the show ended, my mom was driving and we were about to drop him off. He asked to kiss me. Again unable to say no, I complied and ta-da. It lasted .25 seconds and Mom was in the front seat. So romantic.

7. My first boyfriend:

So not counting first school crush and first kiss as those were both less than a month in duration, I dated a senior my freshman year of high school. Once more, no names here. We sat next to each other in Spanish class and he asked me to prom as a friend because he needed a date. I said yes and then he asked me a week before prom to be his girlfriend. “But you can totally go with me still if you say no and it won’t be awkward.” Yeah, right. So I said yes. Dated him for a few months after, trying to see if I had any feelings for this guy. None appeared so I broke up with him on a phone call while I was at a two-week summer camp a week before my Sweet 16. He still showed up to my party and I was not happy about it.

8. First love / boy I said “I love you” to:

This probably counts as my first boyfriend as well. Most of you, if you know my story on YouTube and social media, know this person. We met on YouTube after he messaged me about my DCP Interview video. When we both got into the program, we started chatting on Facebook, then through texts, and then video chatted almost every single night. We were disgustingly cute in the way that we would say “I heart you” and “I really like you” because we both wanted to wait until we were in person to truly meet one another before we said those three words and eight letters. We both made our way to Florida, met up and kissed the first night we hung out. (Well, I went to kiss his cheek and he turned his head to kiss me. Later he told me that he did not drive all the way to Florida and saw me not across a screen after three months and was like “I’m getting a kiss.”) After all, we had been talking for three months. Not a week later and my mom is still helping me get settled and we all go to Rainforest Cafe at, then called, Downtown Disney. He, being over 21, was able to drink and every time he left the table, my mom ordered him another refill. (Probably a good tactic on her part to get to know him.) We were walking back towards the car after and he said something that made me laugh. I just blurted out “I love you” and was like, “Crap! That was supposed to be ‘I heart you.’” He just laughed, said it back and told me he had been waiting forever to say that. And if you have followed me you know, after our two-and-a-half years, that we are no longer together. So–insert First Heartbreak.

9. My first job:

The day I turned 18, I could work at the University my mom worked at and where I was already taking classes. My mom got me a job all lined up and I started on my birthday as a Student Worker at a front desk. I could only work a month full time since I had my senior year of high school starting in September. It was okay, nothing terrible. However, the main secretaries drove me bonkers.

 10. First gig/concert:

I saw Hanson when I was really young. I do not remember much about it. But as you can see in the photo to the right, apparently I loved it.

12. My first car:

2001 Toyota Rav4 Silver, used. It still is in my driveway in case the family needs an extra car, but I drive my sister’s old car now.

13. My first pet:

My parents and older sister got my first dog, Bandit, a few months before I was born. I never knew life without him until he died in August 2007 at 14 and a half years old.

14. My first video:

Well, storytime. My first channel was Disney College Program centered. I only posted a few videos, which is how my ex and I found one another. I deleted that channel to create my new one. Trust me, the footage was so blurry and I was talking so quietly so my college suite roommates wouldn’t hear me. I was kind of embarrassed to be caught doing videos in 2013.

If you have not followed me before, my “first love” ex–I discussed a few numbers above this–and I made a YouTube channel together in 2014. I’m not ashamed of this as it was part of my life. However, highly recommend that you don’t have a channel with you and your boyfriend until you are engaged or married. It stinks to having to make a breakup announcement.

On my new channel–after we broke up–I posted a video compilation of vlogs with me. It probably will always stay public as it is a fair representation of what I wanted to show new subscribers:

15. My first tweet:

I used to be a pain on social media. My first Twitter was my freshman year of college and I was a, well, ass on it. My roommate and I thought we would be the best of roommates but soon found out we did not get along so well. We lived in a suite of four rooms, with two girls to each room, totaling eight girls. Other girls would talk about my roommate out loud and I would go to Twitter to express my frustrations. I was wrong to do this and, if by chance my college roommate ever reads this–you know who you are–I am deeply sorry for my immaturity that helped contribute to our inevitable fallout. I was a total ass. We all have moments were we stink as humans and this was one of mine.

I deleted my old Twitter as I found I only used it for the wrong reasons. I went on Winter Break and I had matured a lot in three months following my roommate moving out and us going our separate ways. I knew I was starting to apply for the DCP and making vlogs, so I created a new account.

Therefore the first tweet I can find is:

… with two impressions. Clearly, a genius in 2013. And, no: that was not my name, account name, or profile picture then. If you dare to scroll all the way back to this point, you will see I barely tweeted throughout 2013 and 2014. I only started actually using Twitter in early 2015. Beware that posts back then are quite sporadic and questionable.

So that is just a little bit of information about me.

Hugs, kisses and thanks for reading ♥

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