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Originally posted on previous blog on May 6, 2016
Last year at this time, I did not think that the next year I would be swimming in the stresses and woes of finals week. However, I am swimming so deep in the ocean that the lifeguards have given up blowing their whistles and screaming for me to swim back to shore.
Some background information: needing only one class left for my Business Administration degree, and initially wanting to take it over the summer but plans falling through, I decided I would be taking this economics online class in the fall. I walked across the commencement stage last spring with a decorated graduation cap and it was not all I anticipated graduation would be. I walked the night before the real undergrad ceremony as I am part of College of Continuing Studies, as they are more flexible with classes and my constant Disney World employments have called for just that.
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With all that I experienced in the fall while living in Kissimmee, FL and working at Magic Kingdom, I ended up dropping the class. Economics is very difficult for me and was even more confusing online. Give me 80 balloons and wind gusts in the wind tunnel of Main Street U.S.A. and I could endure it. Economics at the end of that day? Not so much.

I momentarily forgot that undergoing more classes includes much more than how it initially sounds.
March 2016 room design.

This semester has been difficult for me. School work was not my only obstacle in returning home. My first weekend home—whilst in a blizzard—I repainted and redesigned my room. The layout and colors of my old room held too many memories of what was once my perfect relationship. Once the majority was complete, I only had about half a day to rest before the semester started.

The first few weeks were not too trying. I had my economics session on Monday and Wednesday in the early afternoon and two night class—one on Monday and the other on Tuesday. While juggling these three on-campus classes, I had one Women in Literature class online to fulfill an artistic/intellect/literature requirement. Choosing from many classes that fit this requirement, I went with the online one assuming it would be like my other online ones in

The campus lake in spring.
 years past. It turned out to be my most demanding workload of the semester. It did not help that my initial professor one day was no longer active and I found out that she was pregnant and gave birth from the new professor. Having teachers change in an English-based class halfway through the semester was truly not easy to adjust to.

I continued to struggle my way through the woes of supply and demand curves in my Health Economics class. You want to know what is worse than economics? Analyzing healthcare in the United States through it. I did not like either subject before and my views have definitely not changed.

My third class was an advanced speech course. Normally, I despise these classes as I struggle with anxiety. Getting up to speak in front of a class of people who will judge my personality and a professor judging for a grade is not my ideal situation. Nevertheless, my teacher turned out to be awesome. He made us laugh and really assisted my growth public speaking. By the last class, I forgot to take an anxiety pill for preventive measures and did not even approach my normal levels of anxiety while speaking. He was so awesome that, when choosing classes for the summer, I knew I could expect a great class when I saw his name.

The fourth and final class has been almost comical.
Rider’s mascot, The Bronc, and I at the new president’s inauguration ceremony.
While the workload was almost nonexistent—which sometimes is nice but then affects how easily one bad grade can influence your final marks—our teacher was truly interesting. The class consisted of an individual presentation of an article assigned, one quiz, one short two page paper, a final paper topic proposal of a page, and a final paper to consist of four to six pages. Social Philosophy was not what I was expecting it to be. This could be as the class met once a week and due to a cancellation of a first class due to snow and our professor had a two week vacation in the second-half of the semester.

I began working as a student in my University’s Communication and Marketing department to make some money on the side for miscellaneous costs such as dinner with friends, vlogging equipment, Starbucks—to divulge in tasty drinks that also brought along some much-needed caffeine in-between classes, and more. (Curse that on-campus Starbucks. That must be where all of my money disappears to.)
My greek family line. From top: Amanda, myself, Lauren, Alyssa.
While juggling the endless discussion posts, papers, quizzes, exams, and more, I found myself focusing on my friends. After being away from the people who mean so much to me for a semester, I soaked in every opportunity to sit and laugh into the late—or early depending on how you view it—hours of the night. I have spent numerous evenings with my Big, Amanda and I am so thankful we can make time for each other during our busy adult schedules. Although I am no longer active in my sorority from college as I am on alumnae status, I did get to see my little Lauren expand our family tree by receiving a little Alyssa. I now have a grand-little and she is the perfect addition to our Disney Bee family line. After all, the only thing better than a Fairy Godmother is getting a Disney family grand-big.

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The girls who keep me laughing. From top left clockwise: Angel, Lauren, Alyssa, and Brianna 
Greek things can be confusing but to sum it up, I am so happy as she is now a very close friend. In addition, my little’s roommate Angel also received a little—Brianna. I did not expect to become such close friends with Angel nor Brianna but they are now like another family line to me. I have been fortunate to create so many memories with these four and I love them to death.

For personal review, I have been continuing to grow my vlog and creating content for YouTube.

Starting this blog has also been a new addition to my list of to-dos when I am home. Now that the summer is approaching and normal semester-load classes are ending, I hope to have more time for both of these.

This semester has been quite insane. I had to adjust to the antarctic-like temperatures of New Jersey from the warmth of Florida. I went from walking around in a tank top and skirts to looking like Baymax waddling through snow. These adaptations I have experience do not stop at weather. I went from holding over fifty balloons on Main Street U.S.A hearing the parades, trolley show, castle show, or the Dapper Dans singing to working at a desk on my computer in-between four classes. I went from renting with roommates and living on my own, to being back at home with my family. And—let me just say—I love being back with being back with my parents. (Living under their roof also means that the surroundings living conditions are kept much cleaner.) I also had missed having my dogs around as they just help to bring joy and laughter to my life. I went from Florida friends to my New Jersey friends, and none have overlapped.
It is a little different being home. My dad accepted a new job offer and lives in an apartment in Maryland, just outside of Washington D.C., during the week. We either visit him on the weekend or he comes home. I have had numerous trips this semester down to explore the nation’s capitol. While there, we explore the National Mall and usually also stop by the Smithsonian National Zoo. There is a baby panda approximately six months old named Bei Bei and he is beyond precious to watch.IMG_9752.jpg
It is remarkable how much can change in six months. A newborn panda like Bei Bei can go from barely walking to climbing trees. For me, I was in a different setting mentally, physically, and emotionally before this semester began. Now I have finally begun to heal and settle back into my little town. What is interesting is to imagine where I will be in another few months. Everything can change very quickly and I am excited to see where the path twists and turns.

Hugs, kisses and thanks for reading 

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