Another Week

It was another week full of working with some little moments of magic added in.

On Saturday, Roxie was hanging out with me and being photogenic, for once.

Isn't she just the cutest? She loves laying on pillows and the moment she gets on my bed, she goes to lay on pillows. It has always been her thing.

Roxie also loves her ears being rubbed. She's not one to show too much emotion or go crazy like Coco does.

I then went out to dinner with my family and as we walked out, there was a gorgeous sunset.

It was absolutely gorgeous with the colors blending together like cotton candy. I could not help but get a shot of it as it just was beyond stunning. However, the photos and video does not do it justice.

Sunday... I started the day with work at my retail job and spent the rest of the day napping and hanging out.

Monday was the Fourth of July. Having worked the holiday in 2013 during my college program as custodial in Magic Kingdom, it was nice to just relax in bed. Disney had a livestream of the fireworks so I was able to watch those and record some of it for the vlog. When I worked that day in 2013, keeping the park clean was very difficult as the park was at capacity. I remember driving into work and seeing the signs that Magic Kingdom parking was full and wanting to cry. I never stopped running trash that day. However, guests were mostly appreciative and wished me a happy holiday.

On Monday, I also discussed my camera problem and what my options for getting cameras would be. It is a complicated decision because cameras are expensive and I am not one to blow $500+ in one click.

Tuesday I went to my internship exhausted. Coffee is my best friend. I also had a chiropractic appointment since my back has been aching terribly as I attempt to fix my posture.

Hump day was spent again at my internship. However as I did not have a lunch break, I went to WaWa. Most people don't know what that is but it is an amazing little convenience store with amazing sandwiches.

I also had spotted a jeep with a tire cover that was the wilderness explorer logo from Up. I could not find it though so I searched online and still could not find it!

Thursday I filmed my June Favorites video while mother nature kept interrupting me with rain. I then had errands to run, including to the Disney Store outlet near me. Errand? Yes, yes it was. I was picking up a present for Brittany's birthday next week.

There was so much Beauty and the Beast stuff with the movie coming out of the vault and the new live-action one being announced and gaining attention.

I also had to pack for Friday as my Mom and I were heading to Maryland, where my dad lives as he works this few-year job.

But I also touched on the sensitive subject of the killings of late. All I ask is that people start being aware and going out of their way to spread love.

Finally, on Friday, I started the day by working at my retail store. As soon as I was done there, I drove home and got into the car with my Mom to make the drive to Maryland.

Our drive was one of the worst we've had down to my dad's. We hit horrible rain and constant traffic as the main highway was closed due to accidents. It took us over four hours to get there and it normally takes us two-and-a-half to three.

Week 9 was the last single digit week we will have. I'm looking forward to making the double-digits and eventually the triple!

Watch the week here:

Hugs, kisses, and thanks for watching and reading!


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