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My Thoughts: I have not tried a Lush face mask before this one, and I plan to try many more in the future. This fresh face mask soothes the cheeks and removes dirt. It leaves skin feeling smooth and refreshed. I have used this every few days and my acne is decreasing.
2.1 Oz. for $12.95

In-Store Only. Must be kept refrigerated.

"Calm and soothe rosy cheeks"

My Thoughts: I have not yet used this bubble bar but I hear amazing things about it. The style alone is so cute and fun. I do know that it is a relaxing bubble bar, with lavender scents. I am really looking forward to a bath with this bubble bar!

3.5 Oz. for $8.95

"A decadent herbal bubble bar for deep relaxation"

My Thoughts: I love the Rose Jam Bubbleroon as it is is supper fun to crumble into the water and can be used all as one for mega bubbles or split for less bubbles and another night of fun. The shea butter creates for super soft skin.

4.5 Oz. for $8.95

"Rosy bubbles for the softest skin"

My Thoughts: I have not yet used this bath melt and part bath bomb yet. It looks like a little cupcake while smelling like a candy shop! Very excited to try it out!


"Candy-scented melt-y bath marvel"

My Thoughts: I absolutely love this bath bomb, but don't let the name stray you. This was one of my first Lush products and I love it as it relaxes the body and mind with the aromas. It also makes a beautiful bath color. The petals become milky and soft, making for a bonus to the jasmine, sage, and ylang ylang.

I highly recommend this bath bomb to anyone looking for a deep, soothing, and relaxing bath. It is such a cute, girly product!

6.3 Oz. for $6.75

"Brazen jasmine flirts with your senses"

My Thoughts: This is probably my favorite bath bomb that I have used. The neon colors allow a swirly galaxy to form in the water while providing peppermint scents to brighten your mood. Seeing the colors swirl is therapy enough but the entire package is beyond this world.

6.3 Oz. for $7.50

"Hooked on a feeling"
Can be seen used in Weekly Vlog 2.

My Thoughts: I have not yet tried this bath bomb. I love the colors of it and am interested to see what comes when dropped in water. The blues and pinks have me very interested. Knowing this has jasmine already makes it a win for me.

6.3 Oz. for $6.55

"A refreshing floral dip into springtime"

My Thoughts: While the Dragon's Egg bath bomb does not cause the steam as it fizzes in a hot bath, it is a surprising product. The bath bomb looks plain on the outside, as one might see a Dragon Egg, but is full of mystical wonder on the inside. Sherbet-y smells make it a fun summer soak and the fun only intensifies as the bomb fizzes to the core and unexpected fun begins.

6.3 Oz. for $6.45

"Citrus sherbet-scented firecracker"

Can be seen used in Weekly Vlog 7.

My Thoughts: Walking into Lush, I told the associate that I loved the Sex Bomb Bath Bomb. She told me if I wanted something similar for relaxation, that the Twilight bath bomb was the way to go. Lavender is another guilty pleasure of mine and knowing that this bath bomb has it already makes it a win for me. In addition, the thought of "twilight" lets me know that this will look like the sky. And if it is anywhere near the colors of the Intergalactic, I am in for a treat

6.3 Oz. for $6.45

"Peaceful lavender bathing under the stars"

My Thoughts: I bought this charity pot after reading about them in the store. This one helps Sea Turtle Oversight Protection. Lush donates 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to the causes listed on the charity pot sold. There were many causes to choose from at my Lush store, and I went with the turtles as my mom is a sea turtle fan and it makes me think of her.

1.7 Oz. for $6.95 or 8.4 Oz. for $25.95

"New delicately floral perfume"

Hugs, kisses, and thanks for watching and reading!

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