Primark Opening USA

This week I started off by heading to the opening day of the 5th Primark store in the USA. I wanted to go right at opening, but Brianna had to work so we went in the evening. The store was so cool and I finally see what all of the hype was about.

Primark is a major retail group operating stores in the UK and Ireland, and starting to expand to the United States. One of the few launching stores is located approximately a half hour from me.

Think of the store like a Forever 21 but with mens, kids, and homeware sections. The prices are very affordable and the styles are very fashionable.

To put the affordability in perspective, I bought approximately 20 items for $100, which roughly translates to a division that each item cost approximately $5.

One of my favorite things about Primark is that there is usually a few Disney clothing items. I ended up buying three or four Disney-related clothing because I just could not resist myself. More on that hopefully in a Primark Haul soon.

A Primark team member saw me vlogging and told me that quite a few vloggers were there in the morning at opening time. I even had a few employees waving at my camera, knowing exactly what I was up to.

All in all, I really enjoyed shopping at the store and I hope to be making another trip with Brianna soon.

Just a tip: if your bag feels anywhere near too heavy, ask for a second bag or a plastic one. Brianna ended up having both of her bags rip on her while we were walking through the mall. It was a good laugh... for me. I don't think Brianna found it as funny.

Nikki, my older sister, and her new dog, Asher, also visited this week and naturally I had to capture a few photos of him. He is scared easily but is loving and a pretty relaxed dog.

I think Roxie wanted to play but Asher was a little too tired. It is very rare anymore that Roxie grabs a toy, but she did! I had gotten her one of the new Disney pet toys while living in Florida and she grabbed the Mickey shoe and was having a blast.

After a stressful work day and feeling an aching back arise, I had another Lush bath bomb soak.

This week, I used the Twilight bath bomb, which was beyond amazing. The colors were beautiful and the lavender scents prepared me to sleep soundly.

Thursday, I met my college friend Jes at the beach. I have not really had the chance to hang with her since last year since I was in Florida and she teaches now. But it was awesome to see her face and catch up. She took me to the bay near her house and we could see the New York City skyline in the distance.

But then I got attacked by bugs and had a little sun burn and it made me very ill for the next few days. The bug bites swelled and I was constantly taking Benadryl to reduce the allergic reaction.

My mom and I headed to National Harbor on Friday, and that was pretty much the end of the weekly vlog.

To see more, watch:

Hugs, kisses, and thanks for watching and reading!

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