23rd Birthday

On my last day of feeling 22, I visited a local park to hunt Pokemon and to enjoy the weather.

I had been called to Jury Duty for my birthday week and had to attend on my last day being 22. However, I was dismissed and luckily got to enjoy my 23rd birthday.

My gorgeous grand-little, Alyssa, made sure I had something to do at last moment. I drove the hour to her and we celebrated by playing mini-golf and getting ice cream.

We walked across the bridge very close to her house that separates NJ from PA. It was a gorgeous day.

The drive to and from her town was gorgeously lined with full trees. I had the best time listening to music while cruising to hang with her.

With a clear, perfect blue sky, I loved just driving along the Delaware River and putting my windows down.

I also had quite a blast with the Snapchat birthday filter!

The next day, I received flowers from my grandma. However, I had no idea who sent them at first as the card was missing.

It was an interesting week and a relaxing way to turn 23 but I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday because I did not have to sit in court all day.

Hugs, kisses, and thanks for watching and reading!

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