Primark USA Haul!

I absolutely loved going to Primark since we finally have a few stores in the United States and I love that the store is only 30 minutes from me! One of the six United States Primark stores opened this close to me and I am so happy it did.

I bought so many clothes from Primark but the pictures included here are just of the accessories!
The clear jewelry organizer is a favorite. I love being able to see what is inside while still keeping my shelf classy. 

Primark is amazing for many reasons, including affordability. Candles started at 65 cents!

I also bought eye makeup remover pads. Regular makeup remover wipes hurt my eyes so I figured I would give these a chance. It is a twin pack and was $1.50.

The copper battery operated string lights were also super affordable and I love the look of them in a mason jar.
I found a love with their home and beauty department. This trip proved to me that I understand why so many people in Europe are obsessed with Primark.

Hugs, kisses, and thanks for watching and reading!

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