To Orlando, FL and Back

Unfortunately, due to making room on my computer, I moved all of my photos onto my external. It's great to have more space... but unfortunate I did not remember to save the photos I wanted for the blog posts on my desktop. Therefore, some weeks will be a little dry. This is one of those weeks.

I am saving the Disney pictures for the videos focused on the Disney experience.

However, I did get to snap a photo as I prepared for takeoff at Philadelphia International as the sun began to rise.

The flight was not too bad as I was able to sleep the majority of the time. I only got two hours of sleep the night before.

Upon arriving, Claudia picked me up. If you do not remember Claudia from earlier posts and videos, she was my roommate when I lived in Florida. I love Claudia and seeing her made me beyond happy. However, after running to Publix--a favorite of mine in Florida--we were caught in a torrential, typical, Florida downpour. Claudia, being the brave soul she is, was tired of waiting and braved the rain to grab the car so we could leave. She's a great friend.

The Disney videos will be posted soon.

Upon leaving, I was beyond exhausted. Even though I worked at Disney--twice--it is tiring to brace theme parks for multiple long days.

I called an Uber at 5am after only an hour of sleep. Claudia and I hugged goodbye and I was picked up by a sweet middle-aged woman who invited me to sit up front and chatted with me for the drive.

Again, the flight wasn't too bad and I mostly slept. The flights to Florida are short from New Jersey, usually lasting about two hours.

My day back from Florida was a long one. I slept in my car once I arrived back on campus around 10 am since my mom had picked me up from the airport. Then I awoke for lunch and my first class at 1:10 pm. Classes on Monday and Wednesdays--the only days I am at school--last until 9:30 pm. And I commute and typically intern from 9 am to noon before my classes. Therefore, this day was a struggle.

I cannot wait for you to see the Disney videos and to chat about them here with you!

Hugs, kisses, and thanks for watching and reading!

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