Americans: Vote!

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My fellow Americans... hey. What's up? How's it going? Anything big happening this week?

Oh, yeah... that. The election. As if the media or anyone could let you forget. And now, the anyone includes me. I'm not one to get very political online, but I need to talk to you about something political this time.

You should go vote. 

If you have not voted already by mail-in/absentee/etc. and you are registered to vote, you should be getting in your preferred method of transportation and heading to a polling place on Election Day.

I am not going to preach about which candidate is better based on my personal beliefs. I am not saying that you only have two choices. One of the great things about the right to vote in America is that there are more than two people on a ballot. And in most states you can fill in the blank space for a personal choice. Just because your ideal candidate is not one of the two major political party members, is said to not have a chance, or is not even technically running for president, the beauty is is that you can write in who you believe is your ideal candidate. 

But if you don't vote, you cannot complain. 

Write in Obama for a hypothetical third term. Write in Bernie Sanders because he was your primary choice. Write Mickey Mouse*. You still went out and voted. You made your statement based on what you believe. 
*(People do write in Mickey every year. Is writing Mickey Mouse a good idea? Probably not. And usually is a vote wasted. Sorry Mickey.)
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(Also, if you're a Disney fan like myself, the next President will end up in the Hall of Presidents at Magic Kingdom. If that's not a good enough reason to vote, I don't know what it. Keep Disney magical.)

By pressing that final "Cast Vote" button, you let your voice be heard. You went to a polling place to exercise your right. You made the effort. That is what matters.

Do not let anyone tell you that you are throwing your vote away if you are not voting for one of the two main political party candidates. The only way you are truly and absolutely throwing away your vote is if you do not make the effort to vote.

Thanks for reading! GO VOTE.

P.S. Photo of me voting coming soon.

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