We Need to Talk About The Amazon "Alexa"

"Alexa, what's the date?"

"Alexa, what's twelve times twenty-one?"

"Alexa, tell me a joke."

With the holiday television ads in full swing, I keep hearing my name and looking to the TV in shock. Then I remember there is the Amazon Echo. The Amazon Echo has the "Alexa Voice Service," which... shocker... annoys me.

Why on earth would it annoy me?! Well, because I am not one to like being bossed around. This product therefore does not mix well with me. Especially when people joke with me like I am this product. Really? I haven't heard it before.

When I used to search "Alexa" online, I would usually see some random search site and a few celebrities pop up. Now, it's all about this dang machine.

According to, the name Alexa was ranked #107 in popularity in 1993... the year I was born. In 2015, the name was ranked #32. Also, the name Alexa is Greek and is a form of Alexander, which means "defender of mankind."

How was this a good marketing choice? The name doesn't match the meaning and it is a popular name.

Siri, from Apple, is much more rare. says that Siri had a popularity in 2015 at #5,336. The Scandinavian meaning of "victorious beauty" still does not match the technology, but at least the name is much less common.

Also with a popular name comes the issues of a household with an Alexa already present. If my family bought an Amazon Echo and started saying my name all of the time, I would be so confused and eventually quite upset.

The plus side is that the name can be changed. However, I find that picking this name was a poor choice by Amazon. People should not want to change the name. And, yes, maybe the name Alexa isn't common to the point where it can be found on every souvenir name rack, but most of the time it is there. That should be enough to say, "Hey maybe we need to choose a rarer name."

So whenever you hear "Alexa... [insert command here]" on the TV, radio, or anywhere else, think of me and all of the other Alexas in the world who are suffering from the confusion of thinking they are being talked to.

"Alexa, shut up."


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P.S. If anyone would like to lend me their Amazon Echo, I will gladly make a YouTube video of the struggle.

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