All I Want for Christmas: Blogmas Day 3

Figuring out what I want for Christmas each year is a difficult process. Throughout the year, I tend to save up and buy what I want/need or my parents generously assist me while I am still in college. However, some of the things I have not bought for myself yet are because they are quite expensive. While I could truly use them to my advantage, I just cannot bring myself to pay for them. Therefore, they are on the list, even as I want to emphasize that I do not want anyone close to me looking for ideas to even think about buying them for me! Can you tell that making this list took me quite few days?

Here is my Christmas list including why I would like them and the links to the items in case anyone would like to view them or add them to their own lists!

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Set - When I heard that a Christmas set of these were coming out, I got very excited! I have so many Soft Matte Lip Creams from NYX and I would love to be able to try them all. The only sad side is that these sizes are so tiny! However, I would truly be able to try them all! (Also, these are so much cheaper in stores!)

Canon Wireless Camera Remote - A remote for my camera would be so wonderful to have when I go on adventures alone or would like to snap a picture of myself for a new blog or Instagram post!

Apple iPad Pro 9.7" or 12.9" WiFi with 128 GB in Rose Gold or Silver - iPads are quite expensive. Having a Macbook and iPhone, a touch screen tablet by Apple is the way to go. I would love to be able to design and sketch for the blog. My friend Katie has one and I love watching her use it for her blog.

Apple iPad Pencil - This would be the perfect addition to the iPad Pro as it allows me to

Black Handbag - A black handbag that can fit a regular-sized folder containing my resume for interviews would be perfect to hold multiple items as I search for a full-time job. Here are some other examples: Target, Target 2, Charming Charlie.

Starbucks Gift Cards - Honestly, any person who gets me these are fueling my obsession with warm, toasty, and yummy overpriced drinks.

Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug - Also available on the Shop Disney Parks app, this mug is absolutely adorable! Being from one of my favorite Disney movies and also being in my favorite category of mugs which are deviations from normal designs, I would love to sip some hot chocolate from this mug while reading a book.

Black Over-The-Knee Boots with Tie - I have been wanting this type of knee-high boot since they came out and everywhere is always out of my size (9). While I am worried about the faux suede-styled in the weather, I still think they are adorable!

Red Rain Boots - How could I not want red rain boots? In fact, how do I not have them already? I've been on the hunt since I realized that I wanted them. I even found a cute pair at Primark for $15 but they were out of my size (9)! So I would love to have some for the winter weather approaching and the spring.

White Desk - A white desk would match my room perfectly. I need a light-weight desk that can fit in front of my windows without blocking my vents. I found similar ones at Ikea, Wayfair and Target.

Some items not pictured:
- Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator: As my college career is ending, having the programs I used in school on-the-go would be very useful!
- Wireless Mouse for Mac: Would allow me to more easily edit.

Thanks for reading! Happy holidays!

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