Christmas Decor PinSpiration: Blogmas Day 5

I absolutely love Christmas decor! The moment I am stand up from the Thanksgiving table and help clear the dishes, I am ready to put up the tree and my favorite decor for the holidays.

If you have not yet decorated for Christmas, here are some Pinterest inspirations and links to some adorable products I love or would love to have.

1. Mini String Lights & Ornament Jars

I love mini string lights so this idea of adding ornaments, pine cones, or other decorations to a vase and adding lights looks so wonderfully festive to me!

I found this photo on Pinterest but it eventually leads to these Brookstone Micro String Lights. I've also found similar battery-operated string lights at Primark for $3.50. This is definitely an affordable and adorable option!

Christmas season does not only bring out the love and generosity in us but also our sense of creativity. We plan on giving out unique diy gifts and we also make handmade Christmas greetings:
2. Christmas Card Tree

Isn't this cute tree-like card display just absolutely adorable? I love this idea for a cute way to hang the holiday cards received from family and friends.
how to repurpose empty wine bottles into christmas decor, christmas decorations, home decor, how to:

3. Repurposed Empty Wine Bottles

This is a great way to reuse the wine bottles emptied from Thanksgiving or the stressful holiday shopping and deadlines. I love the idea of a very affordable project that also brings in the joy.

Christmas Pillows and Indoor Decor:
4. Christmas Throw Pillows

Who doesn't love Christmas pillows? There are so many at so many stores to choose from. I found this picture here on Pinterest but Target, Amazon, and many other stores will have fun and festive pillows to show some spirit even on the couch.

Stunning Indoor Christmas Candle Inspirations For Christmas Table | Easyday:
5. Upside-down Wine Glasses for Candles

I love the ornaments in the one side of the glasses and some bright candles on the top. This is a great centerpiece but also a way to add romantic holiday feelings to the room. Check out this Pin here.

25 Breathtaking Indoor Christmas Decorating Ideas | Christmas Celebrations: 6. Bow Cupboards 

Even the kitchen deserves some attention. This is a simple and fun way to make the kitchen very festive like the rest of the house. The garland and the lights on the top really pull it all together. Check out the pin here.

Check out 32 Homemade Christmas Decorations at
7. Pine Tree Mason Jars

Mason Jars can be on the inexpensive side and little fake trees can be as well. Put them together and add faux snow and then there is a wonderful decor for your home! See the pin here.

Wrap it Design:
8. Garland Staircase

I found this pin and I think every staircase should be used for holiday decorations. Whether it is characters lining or garland and lights, using steps in the house truly brings an extra layer of magic.

30+ Stunning Christmas Kitchen Decorating Ideas – All About Christmas:
9. Garland Framed Entrances

Same with the staircases, entryways are an easy spot to add decor. I love this idea of garland with lights and a red bow at the top.

2015 BRING HOME THE HOLIDAYS #Nabisco Christmas fireplace lit by candles, I want a mirror like that above our fireplace:
10. Cozy Candle Fireplace

Finally, if you have a fireplace I think that this fireplace of candles lit instead of wood truly brings out a warm and fuzzy holiday spirit. Try a cute throw on the ground to snuggle with and a fun saying on the mantle.

I hope the PinSpirations help you find some Christmas decor ideas to help add some holiday magic to your home if you've yet to decorate or simply want more. After all, the more the merrier! 

Thanks for reading! Happy holidays!

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