Gift Ideas for Guys: Blogmas Day 6

Every year, I find myself struggling with gift ideas for at least one guy whether he be a special guy, my father, or simply guy friends. I figured I would help you (and myself) in the search for some helpful gifts for guys.

In order to cover a good amount of what would guys like, I have included a few categories: The Pop Culture Nerd, The Beer Lover, The Sports Fanatic, The Die-Hard Gamer, and The Tech Enthusiast.

The Pop Culture Nerd

Pop Funkos are a wonderful way to match the guy's favorite pop culture movie/shows/etc. Of course, being the Disney nerd I am, I love the Disney ones. However, the guy you are shopping for might not feel the same. But there are so many different pop culture references to choose from! They sell these cute figures at Gamestop, Barnes & Noble, Target, Walmart, and more! Also, Pop Funkos are usually on the more affordable side for gift-giving!

Other pop culture products are difficult as I do not know what also encompasses every pop culture phenomenon. But I would recommend looking a t-shirts, beanies, or ornaments that fits the likings of the guy you are searching for.

The Beer Lover

Beer lovers probably would want something cool to keep the beer caps in. I found an awesome idea! Beer cap states are a fun way to display beer caps while also having a bit of home state pride or to display where you have tried breweries in that state. For less than $50, this is a fun home decor piece to show off the beer loving side of this guy. Also, you could always spray-paint the wood to match the home. I love the idea of these.

Is this guy you are shopping for a true fan of beer if he has never attempted to make his own? Now he can! This Beer Making Kit has the option of IPAs, Blondes, Ales, and more. The reviews seem to stick with the product, saying it truly teaches you the process of making a good beer. And--eventually--the guy could find a way to make his own beer.

The Sports Fanatic

Any big sports fan has their choice team(s). And with the team, comes the stadium. Both of these gift ideas are options for the guy to have new home decor that promotes his team and their home playing field.

These personalized stadium travel signs are a very cool man-cave/room idea and will come in handy on Thursday, Sunday, and Monday nights when guy friends come over to cheer on the team.

In addition, for a more clean and stylish look, these ballpark diamonds are beautiful to hang on the wall.

The Die-Hard Gamer

Who doesn't remember Minesweeper as the basic computer game? This Minesweeper scratch off game card is a throwback and very affordable stocking stuffer for the guy who would get a laugh out of this! I know that even I, who was not really into Minesweeper, would have a blast from the past playing this. Finding that this exists made me smile and want it!
Again, like the pop culture, it is hard what to recommend what to buy without knowing the games your guy is into. However, Playstation and Xbox gift cards can always help them buy the next game they want and knowing that you understand their console choice shows you pay attention.

The Tech Enthusiast

It is hard to buy tech gifts without spending a good amount of money. However, Google Chromecast 2 is only $35 and is a great way to tie together viewing channels if you do not have a smart TV. You can "cast" your screen from your phone, tablet, or computer to your big screen and enjoy YouTube videos, Netflix, and more on a larger scale. I have one and I highly recommend it if your guy does not have a smart TV (but, as a techie, they probably already do.)

Next, I think any technology lover will find this affordable item as a great addition to their lives. The TrackR Bravo is a coin-sized tracking device that you can add to keys or other items and uses Bluetooth, GPS, and the TrackR app to find your lost items. If it is out of Bluetooth range, the app will tell you the last location that Bravo was connected to your phone. Also, when the app is near the item, you will get an alert of the location. It also works in reverse to find your phone. This is a great techie gift for any guy that misplaces his keys or phones.

I truly hope this helped you in searching for a gift for the one guy who is so difficult to shop for. Let me know in the comments what else you would add to this list!

Thanks for reading and happy holidays!

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