Practical Gifts for Bloggers: Blogmas Day 14

Do you have a blogger in your life who you want to get a present for this holiday season? I may be able to help! Blogging can seem very easy: all you do is write, right? No, that's not all. Bloggers usually need to be handy with equipment to take great photos, keep creating ideas, have a schedule, dish out money for equipment, editing software, domains, and more. As a blogger, the items I listed below would be very handy to have.

From planners to stickers, equipment to clothes, here are some practical and affordable gifts for bloggers:

The Badass Blog Planner

This workbook has over sixty worksheets to help bloggers review their past year and create plans for the future. It helps with blog content, social media, products, e-mail newsletters, budgeting, and more.

Amazon, $14.54

Lens Cover Cap Strap
Most DSLR camera, such as my Canon, do not have a lens cover strap. I'm constantly placing mine down somewhere and forgetting where or nervous that I will lose it forever. Having this is a cheap way to alleviate stress.

Amazon, $1.62
Portable Charger

Keeping up with e-mail, watching and posting on social media, and taking pictures can seriously hurt a phone's battery. A portable charger is super handy for on-the-go blogging and capturing content.

Amazon, $12.99 (Reg. Price $39.99)


Tripods are amazing to set up to take photos for blogs. Not only does it help with leveling, but you can also get some wonderful video and some amazing photo effects with a steady setup.

Amazon, $19.97 (Reg. Price $23.49)

Etsy Gift Card

Let your blogger friend buy a new theme template, backdrops, icons, planner stickers, logos and more on this amazing site. Trust me, they'll thank you.

Etsy, $25. $50, $100 or $250

Coffee and Tea

 Oh man, coffee and tea can be a lifesaver when blogging. I enjoy sitting down to write and create with a warm beverage--especially in the winter--to get my thoughts moving. Try places like Teavana, Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or other coffee shops near you.

Starbucks Gift Cards, Teavana Gift Cards, etc.

Redbubble Blogger Stickers

One of my favorite things are funny stickers. I put them on my computer case, on notebooks and more. Stickers on Redbubble can even be big enough to go on the wall. Here are some ones I think are perfect for bloggers!

"Blogging This," $3.10-$12.91, "Geometric Golf & Peach Blogger Babe," $2.40-$14.00, "I'm A Pretty Big Deal on my Blog." $2.40-$14.00

Blogging T-Shirt

Because sometimes bloggers need catchy phrases on t-shirts for selfies.
Blogging Day Mug 

When taking photos of my setup for blogging, I usually like to include my coffee or tea in a super cute mug. And how cute is this one? Creating the best post ever is a blogger's goal: improve and grow every post.

Click and Blossom, $16.95

Photo Shooting Cube

When taking pictures of products or other items, a photo shooting cube can help to get a pain white background. This allows the image in the post to blend into the background, such as the one of this cube does.

Amazon, $15.99

Thanks for reading and I hoped this helped you with your gift ideas!

Happy holidays!

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