Tips to De-Stress During the Holidays: Blogmas Day 21

Christmas is right around the corner and I am going crazy. I almost did not have time to post this today and that would have ruined my 20-day streak! At this point--unless you have Amazon Prime and happen to find items that would arrive in time or want to pay a pretty penny to ship in two days--the flexibility of online shopping is pretty much over. (It takes a lot for me to even want to pay normal shipping. $15?! No way!)

I spent my day sleeping in, trying to make up for the stress, and hitting the ground running. I ran errands such as vacuuming my car and getting a car wash before hitting the local marketplace. It. Was. Crazy. Trying to find some last-minute additions, I struck out at six, yes indeed, six stores. I arrived home with two very small personal things and a happy wallet, but a defeated feeling. Especially since I spent the next two hours on Amazon trying to find something that would arrive in time that worked... to no avail. I feel worried that I will not be able to find those few last gifts that have the finishing touches for the people I care about in time.

Then I froze, I hadn't scheduled a blog post for blogmas and today was the one day I did not have an idea laid out! What to do?

Then the thought hit me: time to de-stress and relax and I could help myself while helping you!

Here are some ideas to de-stress this close to the holidays and still enjoy this time of year:

1. Light a candle

If you have a holiday-scented one, even better! I have holiday spice, apples and cinnamon, pine trees, and more. Lighting a candle, dimming the bright lights, and seeing the flame flicker is a recipe for relaxation to begin.

2. Eat some goodies

You might be stressing about holiday sweets affecting you but remind yourself that there is a reason for New Year's resolutions being right after the holidays. Enjoy those sweets that you spent hours working on.

3.  Watch a holiday movie and actually watch it

Put everything down and away. Stop the wrapping, stop the searching, and turn your phone to silent or vibrate. Pop in your favorite Christmas or holiday movie you've yet to have time to watch... and watch it. Enjoy the few hours of immersing yourself in the movie and remind yourself why you fell in love with it in the first place.

4. Play on some relaxing holiday music

YouTube has some wonderful instrumental holiday music videos and some even accompany the music with a crackling fireplace or winter scenes such as snow falling. Heck yes. Here are some I found useful: option one, option two, option three.

5. Take a bath while watching the movie or listening to music 

Have some Lush holiday bath bombs or even regular ones that have been sitting in your bathroom? Break them out! Light a candle in the bathroom and place your movie or music nearby. Make sure to have a bath pillow or towel under your neck. (Also, bring a glass of water or something to cool you down if you take hotter baths.)

6. Curl up next to the fireplace

While YouTube videos can recreate the visuals and the sound, it has yet to create the warmth radiating from a fireplace. Sit with your favorite book, music, or movie on with a light blanket around you and allow the warmth to surround you.

7. Drink a cup of cheer (like hot chocolate... or wine.)

As a warm fireplace warms you up from the outside, a warm drink can warm you from the inside. If you're having hot chocolate, add marshmallows, whip cream, and some festive sprinkles and truly enjoy your drink. And wine is... wine. No need to add much to make it better! 😉

8. Make a plan to work on tomorrow

Once you are finally calmed down and relaxed enough, make a list of what you need to complete by what days. Work on them in order of nearest dates to help prevent more stress in the coming days. 

I hoped this list helped you with an idea to relax and to enjoy yourself for a few hours. I am posting this and following my own advice!

Thanks for reading, loves.

Happy relaxing and happy holidays!

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