17 Hopes and Goals for 2017

You're probably read the title of this post and are questioning what month of 2017 it is. Yes, it's the end of February already. Yes, this is well overdue. However, I still want to share my 17 hopes and goals for 2017. The year is already flying by and I have quite a few wishes for the rest of the year.

What are your hopes and goals for 2017? Let me know in the comments!

1. A full-time job with health care benefits

I am being a cliché recent college graduate having this be a hope/goal for the first year out-of-school. With the Affordable Care Act, I am covered until I am 26 through my parents on everything except for dental. Unfortunately, I don't know if this section of the Act will remain the whole year. Having a full-time job where I am saving way more than I am now and also having health care secured is a big hope for me.

2. Save more money

Speaking of the above first point, I would really love to save money but I need to make enough to do so first. This allows me to get a solid start on financing future items such as a house, another car someday and more.

3. Get into a fitness routine and lose the extra weight

Here's a little fact about me: I've had asthma, bad asthma, for my entire life. Bad enough to the point where I used to get pneumonia at least once every winter when a cold hit my chest. Therefore, cardio and I aren't the best of friends. However, I recently found a love in Yoga-laties (that's yoga and pilates) and walking more. These things can still help me to get--and stay in--shape. 

4. Improve my photography

Lately I have been carrying my camera almost every day. However, I need to start pulling it out more and truly learning all of the features of a DSLR and how to shoot many new scenes such as nighttime, astro, clouds, and more.

5. Visit every winery in New Jersey

Currently, Steven and I have visited quite a few wineries in New Jersey. There is a Garden State Winery Passport that we are working on completing. Every month, we dedicate at least one weekend to going to about five wineries near each other and crossing them off of our list. I love seeing parts of New Jersey I haven't before!

6.  Work on my piano skills

In high school, I started taking piano lessons. Lately, my fingers have been reaching for the keys to play and I have slowly taught myself a few easy songs. I would love to play a full song on a harder level by the end of the year.

7. Stop biting my nails

What a horrible habit to have! I have been doing this as long as I remember and I am working really hard on stopping it. My habit tracker in my bullet journal has been helping me to realize when I am about to do it and prevent myself so I can cross off the box in my journal at the end of the night (see number 16).

8. Work on my closet

Currently, my closet is a combination of hand-me-downs (and ups from my little sister) and goofy tees with a little bit of professionalism and quality clothes. Over the next year, I want to invest in more work-attire clothes and declutter by donating the clothes and shoes I don't wear (but totally keep thinking that one day I will). I've already started on this process by turning around my hangers at the beginning of the year. Whenever I wear something, I place that hanged item normally. Now, I will know what I actually haven't worn.

9. Soak up the happy moments

Sometimes, life can try to intervene on the good moments. I want to be able to allow myself to be happy and be full immersed in the moment and not feel guilty about it. I need to learn that I can allow myself to be happy while sympathizing with those who are feeling down. 

10. Learn Spanish conversationally or fluently

Once upon a time, my mom told me I had to take Spanish every year of high school so I would know a second language. Not to mention, I had taken it every year for the eight years prior to high school. Even with a year of studying the language in college (which was now four years ago), I can barely hold a conversation. I need to actually learn the language by doing and not by paper. Being able to put another language on my resume would be wonderful!

11. Watch the spending 

Something I find myself doing quite frequently is saying to myself, "Oh since I am out near XYZ, I will stop in the store and see if I find anything." I need to stop spending money on things I don't need, or even had wanted prior to seeing it. Why must Target have such cute things though?!

12. Dedicate more time to YouTube

Well... - insert nervous laughter here - this has not been going so well in 2017 but I really, really want to work on it. At least one video a month is not that hard! I can do it!

13. Keep up with my friends and let go of old ones who moved on

One of the hardest things I have come to accept in the past year is that sometimes we do not get the closure we wish we did. There are moments when the people you thought would be by your side forever drop all contact and connection with you like it is nothing. And when you try to keep connecting and work on getting back what you had, there are times it won't happen. Relationships, both for friendships and romantically, are two-sided and both people need to put in the effort for it to work. And although it hurts because it did not work, and you might always question if you could have done more, there is a time to finally accept that it is what it is and that you did all you could to prevent it falling apart. Use the energy that you had given to that person and invest it in a new relationship or in existing friends. (And--by "you"--I'm mostly talking to me. I need to really work on letting past friendships go and stop letting them hurt me if I have done all I can.)

14. Go on more adventures 

I love seeing new sights and getting out of my house. Now that winter is starting to fade, I am so excited to try something new or experience an adventure again and again. I want to kayak more this year as I've only done it once. I want to go hiking and see some of the waterfalls in New Jersey. I want to go walk around in a park hunting Pokemon. (Yes, I still play Pokemon Go occasionally. Judge me if you must.) And adventures are even more fun with someone by your side. (*Nudge... Steven)

15. Travel somewhere new

My goal is to travel to a new place each year. Although I really want to go to another country, right now I would be okay with seeing something new on this continent or in this country. (Ugh, money... right?)

16. Stay organized and post more

I bought a 365 The Happy Planner and I am in love with it! I have also started bullet-journaling and keeping track of daily habits, including ones I do not want to continue and ones I need to start. Wanting to color in the blocks every day makes me pursue these goals even harder. Plus, one of these things is posting to social media, like Instagram. I want to have pictures ready to go for at least one post a day.

17. Devote more time to my blog

Last, but certainly not least, I want to write, create, and post more on this blog. I have fallen in love with blogging during the past few months and I truly enjoy sitting down and typing my thoughts. (I still enjoy it even if I am writing and in-the-zone while Steven is playing a video game next to me and keeps scaring the crap out of me when a monster attacks him like my current environment. Haha!)

Thank you for reading and let me know your hopes, goals, and dreams for this year,

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