Day 2 - "Royal Friendship Faire" - Magic Kingdom & EPCOT

In September 2016, I went to visit Claudia in Florida, where she still resides.

On our first day in the parks, Claudia and I headed to Magic Kingdom. First, we met up with Scoop, the Main Street USA resident who was sadly moving away at the end of the month. Scoop is known as the Disney Pin Trader know-it-all. He even has a special pin he gives out with him and Mickey on it.

I was lucky enough to meet up with Scoop after watching him work his magic on Main Street USA a year before. He also surprised me with a pin! I had tears in my eyes! I was so into the moment, I didn't video it. Luckily, Claudia snapped a few pictures!

Here's a photo of Scoop and I in front of the castle. Also, here's what the pin looks like.

(Pin photo via Disney Nerds as mine is packed away for moving... more on that later.)

Following that, Claudia and I went on the hunt for the infamous Purple Wall on Instagram. This Disney wall is iconic for great Instagram photos because of the backdrop. We finally found it--after shamefully asking a Cast Member--and took some photos.

After watching the new Mickey's Royal Friendship Faire and catching up with Mickey Mouse, Claudia and I headed to EPCOT for the Food and Wine Festival. We were lucky to catch a rainbow at Epcot. 

You can see these photos below!

Sadly, I still wasn't in a vlogging zone yet and wanted to spend time in-the-moment and catching up with Claudia. So some sections of the video are abrupt and I apologize.

Here are some photos from that day to extend the magic of this video:

Hugs, kisses, and thanks for watching and reading!

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