Day 5 - Part 2 - Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom

In September 2016, I went to visit my past Disney Roommate, Claudia! She still lives in Florida (lucky ducky!) Wow... it's now February 2018 and I'm finally posting the last video to my blog. Gurl, Alexa, please... get your stuff together!

On Day 6, Claudia met up with me in the evening for Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party! I was so pumped to go. We decided to go as Anastasia and Drizella from Cinderella. I had these two skater dresses (the pink and teal) already from a sale. The fabric was bought and my mom (bless her) added removable sleeves and an elastic top to the skirts to hold them. We pinned the skater dresses and viola: Anastasia and Drizella!

Here are some photos from that evening to extend the magic of this video:

Anastasia and Drizella hanging on the hub 

Purple Wall Anastasia & Drizella

Anastasia, Drizella and Aurora

 "That's MY Slipper!"

"Anastasia (werk werk), Drizella (werk werk) and Cindy! The Tremaine Sisters. Werk!"

Just because Cinderella gets a castle and a kingdom doesn't mean we can't ride her horses.

Evil Step-Sisters


 Photopass, you had one job... that's not an apple. Hahahahaha

Extending our day for every second possible at the end of the party


Hugs, kisses, and thanks for watching and reading!

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