March for Our Lives: Sign Ideas

Tomorrow, March 24, 2018 is a day that will go down in history. I guarantee this day will be in textbooks and taught in history classes. My hope is that those textbooks will still not be taught as a defense to shield students from bullets.

I will be attending the March for Our Lives in Washington, D.C. Many cannot make it to the main center stage march, but there are so many marches that anyone can attend. According to the March for Our Lives Website, there are 842 events worldwide. There is a march in every state in America. Here is a map showing, just in the United States, how many marches are planned. You can sign up for one near you here.

The main website has so many resources and pages of information to provide about the march. And as you prepare, you might want to make a sign to have your voice heard through photographs or above the hundreds or thousands of voices surrounding you.

I've been conflicted about what to put on my sign. So I wanted to make a post of options I have been considering or I've seen as a one-stop assistance to those still looking for the perfect words.

 This list will keep being updated through the evening with any suggestions I receive.

Inspired by Parkland's MSD High School students:

  •  "Enough"
  • "We call B.S."
  • "Never Again"
  • "Vote for Our Lives"
  • "Change"
  • "No More Silence, End Gun Violence"
  • "No More Thoughts, No More Prayers. Time for Action."
  • "Enough is Enough"
  • "Arms are for hugs" 
  • "Thoughts and Prayers - Policy and Change"
  • "Change is Not Automatic"
  • "They Deserved Better Than This"
  • "How Many More?"
  • "Disarm Hate"

For Students:

  • "Fear Has No Place in Schools"
  • "It Could Have Been Me. Gun Reform Now"
  • "Love Your Kids, Not Your Guns"
  • "Am I Next?"
  • "Grades Over Guns"
  • "We Demand Change"
  • "Protect Children, Not Guns" 
  • "Brains Not Bullets"
  • "Our Voices Matter"
  • "_(Your School)__ Stands With MSD"
  • "I Will be Voting in  20___"
  • "How Much is My Life Worth?"
  • "I Should Be Writing My College Essay, Not My Will"
  • "Nobody's Paying Me to Exercise My Rights (My First Amendment Rights)"
  • "When Adults are Acting like Children, Children Act like Adults"


For Educators:
  • "I am an Educator, Not a Shield"
  • "Trained as a Teacher, Not a Shooter"
  • "Can't Fund Supplies but Could Provide Guns?"
  • "My Students are More Important Than your Assault Weapon"
  • "I Stand with My Students"

Inspired by Facts:
  • 3,967 youth and children were killed by gunfire in 2017 (Source)
  • 522 teens have already been killed by gunfire in 2018 (Source)
  • 150,000 students who have experienced a shooting on campus since Columbine in 1999 (Source) 
  • Las Vegas - 58, Orlando - 49, Blacksburg - 32, Newtown - 27, Southerland Springs- 26, Killeen - 23, San Ysidro - 21, Parkland - 17, San Bernardino - 14, Edmond - 14 (Source)
  • "Every day, 7 children are killed and 12 more are injured with a gun." (Source)
  •  "It Helped Australia" (Source)


From Hamilton and the new single "Found / Tonight":

Hamilton's creator Lin Manuel-Miranda will be attending the march in D.C. along with Ben Platt, former star of Dear Evan Hansen to perform their new single "Found / Tonight," a mash-up of a Hamilton and a Dear Evan Hansen song. 
  • "We may not yet have reached our glory, but I will gladly join the fight. And when our children tell their story, they'll tell the story of tonight"
  • "So let the sun come streaming in, 'cause you'll reach up and you'll rise again"
  • "Raise a glass to all of us"
  • "Tomorrow there'll be more of us"
  • "It's only a matter of time"
  • "This is not a moment, it's the movement"
  • "Rise Up"
  • "Rise Up, Wise Up, Eyes Up"
  • "History Has its Eyes on You"
  • "You Want a Revolution, I Want a Revelation"
  • "So There Will Be a Revolution in this Century"
  • "I'll Make the World Safe and Sound for You"
  • "You Get Love for It. You Get Hate for It. You Get Nothing if You Wait for It"

Pop Culture:
  • "Band-Aids Don't Fix Bullet Holes" - Taylor Swift
  • "NRA Sashay Away"

Have some to suggest? Let me know and I will add them.

See you tomorrow. I'll be taking photos of signs and the movement with my camera.

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